• Happy 2nd Birthday, Ring Finger Tan Line!

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    Today, my blog baby turns two.

    These days, it’s tempting to hide how this all began behind pretty pictures of food and cocktails… but it’s difficult to escape a name like “Ring Finger Tan Line.” And it’s important that I never lose sight of the story that brought this blog and I together.

    Two years ago, I thought my life was over. When I say that out loud today, it sounds absolutely ridiculous. I was 24. I married my first boyfriend and it didn’t work out. Stranger things have happened.

    Had I known the journey life had in store for the next two years, I’m not sure what I would have thought. I may not have chosen this life over the life I wanted. In fact, I’m pretty sure my 24-year-old self would have been far too afraid to lead the life I do today.

    But at least I would have known that it wasn’t the end. Not by a longshot.

    To those who found me because you relate to my story, or you know someone who does, I want to sincerely thank you for your support and love over the past two years. I am so humbled with every comment and email I receive from you. Sharing your most personal memories is not easy, but it is powerful. Those of you who have shared yours in the comments have helped so many others to feel understood when it is so easy to feel alone.

    For those of you just beginning in your journey to recovery, I don’t have a cliche saying for you that will make it all better. You’ll feel betrayed for a long time. It will be hard to trust people. But slowly, as time goes on, the good days will start to outnumber the bad. You may not have the redemptive pot of gold waiting for you at the end of your recovery, but you have a full life. A happy life, if that’s what you choose to make it.

    Thank you so much to my followers and blog friends who have been there through both the whiniest and funniest of posts. I love you guys.

    And just for you, I’ve assembled this recap of what has been a whirlwind year for RFTL:

    Start a book that you’ll soon be too busy to finish (at least this year).
    Quit Google.  (Start at BuzzFeed 3 weeks later.)
    Move cross-country from Austin to NYC.
    Make French Toast for one. Resolve to be alone for a little while because you don’t like any of the men in NYC.
    Get through your 2 year wedding anniversary stronger than ever.
    Take back everything you said in February and start dating people in NYC.
    Get featured in Cosmopolitan magazine. Freak out forever.
    May – July:
    Become so busy and consumed by work that your posts become sparse and exclusively food related.
    Lose your uncle very suddenly, then your grandmother in the same week. Reach the emotional low of 2013.
    Meet Grumpy cat. Cheer up a little.
    Dedicate an entire month of the blog to pumpkin, and deem it Pumpktober.
    Decide you’re going to start posting more often, and working on your book again. Which means you’re going to need more wine.



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    I'm a 25-year-old ex-wife who spends most of her time cooking and chasing silly men around.

    8 Responses to Happy 2nd Birthday, Ring Finger Tan Line!

    1. November 26, 2013 at 10:42 am

      Happy blog birthday! Reading your posts for I don’t know how long it’s been good to see how your journey has turned out. And as clichéd as it sounds you are an inspiration.

    2. November 26, 2013 at 10:46 am

      Happy blogaversary! You’re so amazing and I love your blog!

    3. Shelly
      December 1, 2013 at 2:06 pm

      Always look forward to your posts, Happy Blog Birthday! Continued success in your personal & work life, and I know from experience that line blurs occasionally. :)

    4. December 9, 2013 at 4:07 pm

      I just found your blog (and read all the archives because I’m creepy like that) and I have to say I love it. I love that you share(d) your story. I can only hope you keep posting. I know what a blog burnout is like and I just hope you don’t stop because you are a fabulous writer. Your story helps. Your ongoing journey is inspirational. And you make people like me, who are just starting that journey, feel not so damn alone.

      Happy belated Blog Bday

    5. December 11, 2013 at 5:48 am

      I literally never leave comments on blogs but I wanted to say HELLO from London (UK) and tell you how much I love reading yours.

      It’s infectious and inspiring…and it doesn’t hurt that I too love food/wine/dogs/buzzfeed. Keep on posting and above all being fabulous. xxx

      • Laura
        December 12, 2013 at 5:27 pm

        Thank you!!

    6. December 15, 2013 at 10:41 pm

      Super-congrats! Looking forward to your posts in the New Year too! Ditto! I’m also living a life that I wouldn’t have chosen in my 20s. But I do get stronger with each anniversary. Ring Finger Tan Line salute! Best wishes, Renee

    7. lydia
      December 30, 2013 at 6:10 am

      Congrats Laura on reaching the two-year mark! Your posts are awesome and I always look forward to reading your updates!!

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