• Fig, Ricotta, Bacon & Honey Panini

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    Fig, Ricotta, Bacon & Honey Panini

    For lack of viable travel options, I spent this year’s LDW in the city. The optimist in me thought that would equate to raging rooftop parties and some sort of exciting barbecue in suburbia. But in actuality, yesterday’s agenda was far less thrilling.

    On the heels of a Notre Dame victory, I awoke in a drunken stupor at 9:30 in the morning – infuriated to find that only 35 restaurants were open to deliver in my area, and not a single one would bring me sesame chicken. Come on, Seamless. Nobody wants a hangover bagel. 

    The pain of disappointment was too much to bear, so I did the only logical thing and went back to sleep until the Chinese restaurants opened.

    Fig, Ricotta, Bacon & Honey Panini

    Once I got some food in me, the day became very productive. I finished half a season on Netflix, ate an entire pint of raspberry sorbet, and managed to stare at my laundry for the better part of eight hours without actually touching it. Impressive, really.

    Anyway, this is all beside the point. The point is this sandwich. And figs in general, really.

    Do you guys even eat figs? You really should. They are fucking amazing. Especially in a context such as this one.

    Fig, Ricotta, Bacon & Honey Panini

    One of my favorite flavor plays is to go sweet-salty-creamy. It’s the ultimate trifecta of food bliss and impressing your friends without any real effort. So pretty much the key to everything you want in life.

    Except for true love… because if food was the key to that, I wouldn’t be sorting through creepy dudes on OK Cupid in my other browser tab right now. Speaking of which…. anyone have a nice boy in NYC for me? Not that I’m serious… but I’m totally serious.

    Fig, Ricotta, Bacon & Honey Panini

    If I still had my amazing book club like I did in Austin, I’d totally cut these sammies into fours, or translate it into little crostini and bring them.

    God, I miss those days. Never take a good group of independent women for granted, people. They kick ass and inspire you to stop sitting on your couch, and actually finish that book proposal you’ve been slacking on because you feel sorry for yourself lately. *Cough*me* cough*

    One of the girls from my book club just INVENTED and designed this cycling panty that I am totally obsessed with. Like, seriously? You just raised $25K on Kickstarter, and I can’t even remember to update my blog once a week. #inspiration #isuck

    Fig, Ricotta, Bacon & Honey Panini

    ANYWAY, if you have a book club, or people you love, or want to sit by yourself and eat a sandwich sometime like me, then this recipe is for you. Use it before fig season is gone!

    2 slices bread (I used honey wheat because it’s what I had on hand)
    2 slices bacon
    2 Tbsp ricotta cheese
    2 tsp honey
    2 fresh figs, sliced

    Cook the bacon in a pan. Remove bacon, but leave grease. Smear one slice of bread with ricotta, then drizzle honey. Add bacon and figs. Heat pan over medium. Add sandwich to bacon grease (if your bacon did not produce much grease, add a little butter to the pan and melt first). Cook until golden brown on each side, flipping halfway through. Enjoy!

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    6 Responses to Fig, Ricotta, Bacon & Honey Panini

    1. September 3, 2013 at 4:18 am

      Uau this is amazing..Love it! Thanks for recipe :)

    2. September 3, 2013 at 8:27 am

      I don’t really eat figs, but this recipe looks amazing. Anything with bacon and I’m game!

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    4. Shelly
      September 6, 2013 at 6:07 pm

      BACON….. BACON….. BACON :) oh yes and the figs & other good stuff!! Sounds yummo!

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