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    [dress – ruche, tights – the gap, shoes – dsw]
    [all photos in this post courtesy of Bougie Photography]

    I may be twenty-five, but I’ve always felt I have an old soul – one that enjoys Sinatra, watching old Marilyn Monroe movies, and the occasional cup of tea on a Friday night. I can only hope that my body lives to meet my soul age one day, because that’s when the real fun begins. Then, you can start saying things like :

    “That’s an interesting name you have. I’m just going to call you Frank instead.”
    or “Honey, I am far too old to be busted by the cops. Now give that back.”

    I suppose to match my soul age, a lot of my style is vintage-inspired. I love delicate patterns, lace, pearls, tights, and loose hair waves. But there’s only so many of those things you can wear together without getting inquiries into where you bought your killer Halloween get-up.

    To me, this outfit  feels very old glamour, but with just enough of a modern twist to pass for normal – a perfect combination of past and present. I used to think that short-sleeved dresses looked silly with tights, but these days I am all in favor. Especially since I accidentally shrunk this dress on three separate occasions, and now am forced to wear it with tights if I want to wear it at all. And we both know I’m not good at letting go. So that’s why tights are the perfect answer to all of my questions.

    Happy hump day, my darlings!

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    1. Meg
      December 21, 2012 at 8:36 am

      Very cute! I favor vintage styles as well, and have definitely considered my self an “old soul” since I was a kid.

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