• Winter Brights

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    [Top – H&M/ Belt, Aritzia/ Skinnies, J. Brand/ Pumps, Jessica Simpson]
    [all photos in this post courtesy of Bougie Photography]

    By this time of year in college, I would be strapping on every piece of insulated waterproof clothing that I owned and running outside at full speed for a campus-wide snow party filled with snowballs, snow angels, snow football, snowmen, and (of course) lots of drunk people falling in the snow. It was magical and memorable and everything I ever missed during my childhood. Except maybe the part about the drunk people. That would have been strange to experience during the ages of 6-10.

    This year, I keep hoping that Texas changes climates for the winter and allows me another raging snow fest, but it just isn’t happening. It was 80 degrees this weekend, and although it made for some ideal rooftop parties, I miss the snow. One great thing about living in Austin, however, is that you never have to replace your stylish tops with garments that make you look like a jet-puffed product on stilts. So there’s that for a bright side.

    This week, I’m embracing my city for what it is and wearing my brights throughout our lukewarm winter. This magenta top is probably one of the best investments I have ever made. I bought it for $10 at H&M, yet it’s already been belted with jeans, tucked into skirts, tied over dresses, and layered under sweaters – all in the period of three weeks that I’ve owned it.

    Don’t judge me. I washed it, I promise.

    Another great piece in this outfit is the belt. I’ve had this belt for about a year, and it’s gotten so much mileage that I’ve lost track. My life as an hourglass would be lost without this belt. Or rather, be renamed “my life as a circus tent.” Seriously though, a good skinny belt is a must for your closet, and this braided nude one has served me very well.

    Completing the outfit, we have a classic example of the inverse correlation between my use of Pinterest and disposable income. I can’t help it, guys. I was such a sucker for this pin that I decided to buy myself an early Christmas present. It’s just so cute and tiny and it says my name.

    On a completely non-outfit-related note: Do you guys remember that time I got recognized for my blog in a bar and I nearly peed my pants in excitement? Well, turns out, the guy who recognized me is a professional photographer and asked if I wanted him to help shoot a couple of fashion posts.

    To which, I replied “obviously.”

    So a special thank-you for making this post possible goes out to Tim Bougie of Bougie Photography. He does awesome work – I mean seriously, getting my face to not look awkward in photos is a huge accomplishment,  so I am convinced he can make anyone look good. Thank you, Tim! I love the photos and I can’t wait to share the rest in the next outfit post.

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    2 Responses to Winter Brights

    1. December 4, 2012 at 7:53 am

      Girl, you are gorgeous! So amazing pics.

      It has been unseasonably warm in Kansas this winter. in the 70s yesterday. In December? WHAT? It is supposed to be snowing and icing by now. But honestly, I am thankful. I hate the cold.

      P.S.- That ring is freaking adorable!

    2. December 4, 2012 at 8:01 pm

      I love this outfit! It’s so bright and cheery. You have so much style – come dress me :)

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